Put a (resized) ring on it 

This weekend I received my resized engagement ring. It cost us £40 to be sized from a M down to a J (what skinny fingers I have). While it no longer falls off my finger, I’m now having trouble getting it off again!

 The woman in the shop pulled it off my finger so easily, I need to learn her technique. I won’t be wearing it very much anyway because I’m not a jewellery (or makeup, or dresses) sort of girl. But at least now when I do wear it, I won’t be terrified of losing it, even if I need to butter my finger up to get it off! 

Panda specifically chose my ring because he thinks it looked like it has bunny ears! While I don’t wear jewellery, even I can appreciate how amazing this ring is. 

​This leads me to wonder what to do when it comes to a Wedding Ring. I won’t be wearing it, because it’s just not me, so is it worth buying one (Panda seems to want to), or should I use one of my family members? So much to think about, I’m disliking this wedding already 😉

Do you have any stories about your engagement or wedding ring? Share them here!


2 responses to “Put a (resized) ring on it 

  1. ^Not that I really have any interesting story regarding our rings but we have it like that: both of us got back in the day an engagement ring and a couple of years later both of us got a wedding ring and we wear normally both of them.
    For me it is a bit harder to wear as my finger size changes during the year (weight training) and thus I have some troubles getting the rings on even during witner time!

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