The Venue Search Begins

We have decided to get on and start our wedding venue search. We used the website For Better For Worse to have an excessive amount of venue brochure from the local area sent to my inbox. The website looks like it was made in the late 90s, but still worked well for us! Although the sudden flurry of emails was a bit overwhelming, it was a great way to see what is on offer nearby.

And we were able to reject the majority of them.

Problems with the venues included:

  • Having a minimum spend – Minimum spend on food, more than our entire wedding budget!Wedding_MinimumSpend
  • Having a minimum guest number – Not sure I know 40 people, let alone 80!
  • Having to rent out the entire venue, or having to rent rooms for the evening before and morning after as well as the wedding day – I just want a few hours, not a few days!
  • Generally being ridiculously expensive! – Not looking to spend more than I earn in a year on a wedding.Wedding_Expensive
  • Having brochures that are either so complicated or so vague that we can’t figure out what’s going on…  Too many attachments!

After weeding out all the ones that had these issues, we may have found one. It’s more expensive than we hoped but it’s not unreasonable. We will visit soon to check it out. Watch this space!

How did you find your wedding venue? Let us know in the comments!


2 responses to “The Venue Search Begins

    • Haha don’t worry, we would never consider spending the sort of money they charge! Thanks for that link, a lot of that is what I’ve been thinking of doing (e.g. High street wedding dress) or I’ll just skip them completely (not too fussed about flowers). 😊


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