We are a couple from the UK; the bunny (an English girl with an obsession for all things rabbit) and the panda (a Hong Kong-ese man who…looks like a panda). On 9th December 2016, we got engaged at The Peak in Hong Kong.


At the Belgian GP…about to get run over by a quad bike.

I (bunny) will use this blog to document our wedding plans, as much for ourselves as anyone else. By aiming to post once every 2 weeks, we are forcing ourselves to slowly plan this wedding – something that may never get done otherwise!

This isn’t a “check out my huge, expensive wedding” blog. We are more interested in the cake and the honeymoon than an expensive venue, overpriced dress and huge guest list. Hopefully we can meet like-minded people who can provide us with inspiration, and maybe we can give some advice as we go.

There will also be quite a few bits about our travels because once this wedding is over, i’ll need something else to blog about! We both love travelling to new places and spend months looking forward to and planning the next adventure we will take during the precious time off we get from work each year.

Please comment on posts and chat with us! We’d love to see your blogs too, so please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself!

You can contact us at bunnyandpanda@outlook.com

(P.S. Expect there to be a lot of bunnies and pandas!)

Logo image via freepik.com


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